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Perpetuate your hero - Ultimate Online Mercenary Card Game

Perpetuate your hero - Ultimate Online Mercenary Card Game

Control unit Wildcat game is a military game collectible card smart and refreshing. The game allows you to create your own army, fully illustrated with leaders, combat units and reinforcements that make up each in the form of a trading card. Two players compete against each other with their armies to a mission. Each mission is based on a specific site, and a player with the army more suited to this field a great chance of winning. Control of the unit properties based games RPG, strategy games free online trading card games online collectible card and military free online games. This makes the unit control card game collectible ultimate online. Moreover, the game requires no download, and it's absolutely free to play. The cards can be negotiated by the players, and tickets can be won by the army of the enemy.

Recently led Wildcat play a new feature called "Capture your hero." The real heroes are not in the virtual world, but in the real world. They are the soldiers we keep our families and homes against domestic and foreign threats. You must respect and appreciation they deserve. To honor the true heroes, Wildcat Gaming came "Your Capture hero" be developed, where adaptations of trading cards some people are preferred soldiers and taken control of the unit with the campaign. The public was invited to submit photos of their favorite soldier. the picture, people are asked to present the reasons why the soldiers as their favorite. Some favorites of the people will be immortalized as a trading card in unit control .

This is a brilliant campaign in two points. First, it is a great way to honor unsung heroes who deserve much more than that. Second, it is a good way of differentiating unit control other games based military. Other games have cards that fictions of the imagination of the design team are. Control unit has collectible card additional, based on the true heroes. Imagine the excitement of the players at the sight of its true heroes of life as part of his army in the Command Unit trading cards play.

To pay tribute to your hero, you can log in and send photos and descriptions of your favorite soldiers. Who knows, maybe your favorite to be a part of the control unit your next game soldiers.

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